Saturday, January 30, 2016

Use These 6 Natural Testosterone Boosters To Energize Your Life

Testosterone is the primary hormone in your body that builds your muscles and strength, and in men especially it fuels sex drive. Given its importance, you want healthy levels of this hormone, but if you are north of 30 in age, your levels are likely on the decline. Use these five natural testosterone-boosting techniques to reinvigorate your daily life.

1) Start losing extra weight. The more extra pounds of fat you carry, the less testosterone your body is going to produce. In fact, there is a direct correlation between testosterone levels and risk of diabetes in middle-aged men. Drop the excess weight to get your hormones flowing again.

2) Cut back on your sugar intake
. This particular point fits well into following the first point, but it also does wonders on its own. The Endocrine Society has research demonstrating that sugar in the bloodstream cuts down testosterone levels by a full quarter, and this effect happens in both diabetic individuals and those with normal levels of insulin resistance. Just a little dietary cleanup can help boost your levels a bit.

3) Get enough zinc. If you have to cut back on certain things to reduce your sugar, what do you eat? Crash dieting can kill the very metabolism you are trying to save.

While the human body needs a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, zinc regulates testosterone levels. Oysters, red meats, poultry, crab and lobster all have good levels of zinc. It's also found in many beans, nuts and whole grains.

4) Go get thirty minutes of exercise. In general, any kind of exercise you do a half an hour a day is better than none. However, if you really want to boost your testosterone levels, resistance and/or strength training is the way to go. Building up your muscle mass also builds up your testosterone levels.

Lean muscle mass is also going to improve your insulin resistance dramatically, which only compounds the positive effects of your testosterone-boosting regimen. Just make sure not to do strength training on consecutive days, as muscles need rest days in order to repair and grow. Cross-train on alternate days with walking/running or yoga and tai chi for flexibility.

5) Get a great night's sleep tonight.
If you've been doing the first four, you have not only handled your personal responsibilities in life, but you've also worked on losing weight, cleaning up your diet, getting more zinc and exercising too. Hopefully, you're tired and ready for a full night of sleep.

6) Natural Testosterone Supplements. These testosterone boosters can help you immensely to raise natural t levels and will give you a good mixture of different herbs and vitamins. Two of the top products to try are TestoFuel vs Prime Male. Both of these products are effective for different uses and it might be a good idea to try both.

The number of hours you personally need does vary from person to person, but most adults need seven to nine hours a night. Figure out what your healthy number is, which is always about two hours more than what you need just to be functional. Sleep-deprived individuals suffer lower levels of testosterone from 2 in the afternoon to 10 in the evening. That's eight hours you should have energy so you can eat right and exercise!

If you think you suffer from low testosterone levels, your doctor can tell easily with a simple blood test. If you already know you suffer from them, use these five all-natural testosterone-boosting techniques to rectify things.